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Yoga all year!

Welcome to 2010!

I was shopping in one of my favourite places this week, Chapters and stumbled across this amazing calendar, also titled Yoga Girl!

The calendar features yogini, model and celebrity from New Zealand Emma Harrison, while she does 12 different postures for each month of the year.

Each month explains the physical and emotional benefits and purpose of each pose. Helpful for a still-learning yogi like myself! It also provides a great visual of what each pose looks like with proper alignment, as the background of each photograph is solid white –  a nice contrast to highlight Emma’s shape in each posture.

Also exciting for me is that I can look at these poses everyday while the calendar hangs on my wall and get inspired and remember how good I feel in my practice. It will remind myself of my own goals, which include being able to get into and “master” more challenging poses such as Crow and Full Camel (both of which I might add, Emma makes look completely effortless in this calendar!).

Emma is also blonde like myself so I secretly pretend it’s me doing the poses. I think that’s actually a tip to attaining your goals through visualization: think something long enough and it becomes a reality. I visualize how good I would feel in each pose and the sense of accomplishment and calm I would feel while in it. I imagine how easy it is for my body to get into the poses, the strength I need to be able to hold myself, the focus and concentration required and the mind-body connection to make it all come together.

Here I come Handstand! There is nothing stopping me now!

The following is an excerpt about the calendar from Emma’s official website: “As a student of yoga for the last 15 years, Emma is excited to have co-created and modeled for The Yoga Girl 2010 calendar, and considers it one of her proudest accomplishments. Emma hopes the calendar will bring yoga to a new and larger audience and she feels privileged to promote a discipline that has brought her considerable joy, enlightenment and good health.”

It really deserves two thumbs up but I was having some issues getting a picture at the same time with both of my thumbs in it.

If you are like me and a little behind the 8 ball on getting a calendar for 2010, check out these other great Yoga Calendars to inspire your 2010 practice!


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June 2009 Posture Video: Dancer’s Pose

June’s posture of the month is Dancer’s Pose, also known as Natarajasana or Lord of the Dance Pose (hello Michael Flatley!)


*Benefits of this Posture Include:

  • Stretches the shoulders and chest
  • Stretches the thighs, groins, and abdomen
  • Strengthens the legs and ankles
  • Improves balance
  • **Makes you feel really freaking cool/awesome

    *Benefits courtesy of Lord of the Dance Pose on Yoga Journal
    **Benefit courtesty of me

    I was SO excited when I discovered June’s posture of the month is Dancer’s Pose. This is truly one of my most favourite poses, and probably one of the most recognized yoga poses out there. A Google images search for “yoga” brings up several images of Dancer’s Pose.

    The amazing thing about Dancer’s (as it is often referred to in class) is just how much is going on at the same time. It really requires focus, concentration, stability, core strength and of course, balance as you are ultimately doing a back-bend, kick-back and forward extension all while balancing on one leg (easy, no?!). Not to mention the fact that you feel like a beautiful and powerful Dancer (hence, the awesome-ness of it).

    A defining moment for me in this pose came when I really listened to what the teacher was saying to “lift up” in this pose. To keep your eyes up and to elongate your body before beginning the pose really helped me be able to take this my body further into this pose and really begin to develop the beautiful shape that is recognized in this posture.

    Beginners might want to practice near a wall to help with balance, or use a strap around your raised ankle to help get deeper into the pose and your own bliss.

    Another amazing thing about this pose (and many poses in Yoga for that matter) is that they are continually evolving. Eventually with Dancer’s Pose (or so I am told) you should eventually be doing the splits in the air. I can’t wait to get to that level! I’ll keep you posted on my progress…

    In the meantime, I’ll continue to focus and remember to relax, smile and to continue pushing and challenging my body in Dancer’s Pose to get the amazing benefits from this posture.

    What are your favourite poses? What poses make you feel really freaking cool?

    Video courtesy of Moksha Yoga

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    And you thought cookies were bad for you…

    If you are in need of any last minute Holiday gift ideas for the yogi or yogini on your list, look no further!

    I just found this little gem and just had to pass this one along. Not only are these cookies made out of super yummy gingerbread, part of what makes them so freaking cute are the smiles on each ginger-yogi’s little face (I might have made that term up…). I mean, don’t you look like that in Savasana, or have that kind of smile when you’re in a spinal twist?!

    Not to mention the fact that much of the alignment of the cookies postures is a little, well….wrong. Check out the Warrior I cookie! Too cute.

    Who knew yoga could also be so yummy?!

    Click here to buy!

    December 15, 2009 at 9:33 pm 1 comment

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