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Feeling the Power of Movement

Anyone can do yoga.

That’s the tagline for the Power of Movement, the world’s largest yoga challenge in support of arthritis and autoimmune research, and I am pleased as punch to be an ambassador this year!

On March 7th, yogis from all over Canada will gather together to do a one hour yoga session. Nine major cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Edmonton will hold mega yoga sessions in which yoga gurus from Canada’s leading yoga studios will teach classes accessible to all, designed to build a healthy balance of strength and flexibility.

Not only is this an amazing fundraiser that incorporates my most favourite passion of all (yoga!) but it is also near and dear to my heart as my older brother suffers from a severe and debilitating autoimmune disease. Having watched a loved one suffer from this illness I know first hand how debilitating it can be. I also know how important it is that we support the fight against this, and other auto-immune diseases such as arthritis, lupus, vasculitis and many others, for those we love.

I’m so pumped to be able to see hundreds of people come together in one room to all practice yoga together for one united goal of helping others. What could be more powerful than that?!

In my new-found role as an ambassador, I have also been working with my local Moksha yoga studio to plan some upcoming fundraisers such as bake sales, used book sales, raffles and help them start their own fundraising team as well. Back in my elementary school days I was quite the fundraising guru, participating in everything from the MS Read-a-thon, Jump Rope for Heart and even going door to door selling the latest “trend” in elementary door to door sales trinkets including ornaments, wrapping paper and chocolates. I’m pumped to get back to my roots and if any of my neighbours are reading this….expect to see me once again on your doorstep.

The studio will also be starting a 30 day challenge on Feb 6th and ending with the final mega-session on March 7th, which I will also be taking part in. Since I have never fully completed a 30 day challenge and this is one of my 2010 goals (as is getting more involved with my community – check and check!), I am excited that it will coincide so nicely with the Power of Movement.  To support in this, I will also be blogging everyday (yes, I said everyday – eek!) during the 30 day challenge, so keep your eyes on this blog for what I am sure will be some very powerful and likely also some random insights into my practice and my experiences. I’ve been getting my typing fingers ready for the challenge as well…

For any of you that would like to donate to my personal goal for the Power of Movement, please do so HERE! I have my own personal page – that’s ’cause I’m kinda a big deal (actually they give one to anyone who signs up so that you can collect pledges….but I like my reasoning better.) Anything is appreciated and will go to a great cause.

Have you ever done yoga as a fundraiser? What causes are near and dear to your heart? What does the tagline “anyone can do yoga” mean to you? I’d love to hear!

If you are interested in signing up for this powerful movement, getting involved yourself or just interested in more information on this incredible event, visit Power of Movement.


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